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Are there any options for dental sedation?

A man smiles in the dental chair | Apex NC dentistYour comfort is our top priority, and Dr. Cordes and his team make every effort to ensure that patients feel at ease during their procedures. For patients who need a little extra care in getting through their procedures, we do offer nitrous oxide.

Nitrous is a gas that works quickly and effectively to help you feel relaxed, at ease, and even happy. Some patients even experience feelings of euphoria, which earned nitrous oxide the alternate name of "laughing gas." 

You’ll wear a mask during your treatment procedure that delivers the gas to your system. Both children and adults can use it, and it can be used during a wide variety of procedures. Nitrous exits your system immediately after the mask is removed, which makes it safe and easy for you to drive and resume normal activities after your appointment.

Dr. Cordes is happy to discuss your concerns about your dental procedures with you to determine if using nitrous oxide is right for your needs. We’re committed to making every visit pleasant and stress-free for our patients, so just let us know how we can do that for you!

Contact our office today to learn more about nitrous oxide and how it might benefit you.


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