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Why do I need a crown instead of a filling?

An image of a mouth during a cleaning | Dentist in Apex, NCDental fillings and crowns are excellent treatment options for restoring teeth that have been damaged by decay. A filling works well for small areas of decay that have left holes called cavities. If your decay is deeper or has damaged a large amount of your tooth structure, Dr. Cordes may recommend a crown for you.

A crown is designed to replace your entire tooth structure. It is hand crafted from high quality porcelain that is custom shaded to match your teeth. Porcelain is aesthetically attractive and it reflects light the same way your natural tooth does so it blends seamlessly with your smile.

You will also enjoy all the same function you had with your tooth from your new crown. This means that all your normal daily activities such as eating, chewing, brushing, and flossing won’t change, which makes your crown easy to care for.

If you have a tooth with decay that needs repair, don’t delay your treatment. Putting treatment off can result in further damage to your tooth, and even bigger and more painful and costly problems. Give our office a call today to discuss your treatment options and schedule your appointment.

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