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When you live with teeth that are missing or compromised, it takes a big toll on your daily life. You may experience difficulty or pain when you chew or eat food, causing your nutrition to suffer. You might feel embarrassed about your teeth when you smile or talk to others, which impacts your confidence and your relationships.

a man and a woman smile together | dentures in Apex NCIt’s important not to lose hope because modern dentistry offers wonderful solutions to restore your smile such as full or partial dentures, which can help you reclaim the life you deserve.

What Is a Denture?

A denture is a removable appliance that is designed to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. Today’s dentures are thoughtfully designed with your skin tone and facial structure in mind, so they provide a much more appealing appearance and better fit than dentures of the past.

Your denture relies on a tight fit and suction to keep it in place, but it can easily be removed for cleaning at night. You may experience some challenges at first as you become accustomed to talking and eating with your new denture. However, most patients appreciate that their denture immediately restores their confidence and their smile.

What Is a Partial Denture?

If you are missing multiple teeth but still retain quite a few healthy teeth, a partial may be a good solution for you. Like full dentures, partials are also removable; however, they anchor to your teeth with a metal clasp similar to a retainer and have customized prosthetic teeth attached to fill in the open spaces like puzzle pieces.

Dr. Cordes will design your partial so it enhances your smile and restores the function you once had.

Implant-Supported Dentures

 Prosthetics such as dentures, partials, and dental bridges can also be supported with dental implants. Dr. Cordes will strategically place a few dental implants into your jawbone and design your denture or partial to “snap” into the implants. This provides a more secure and stable fit because it eliminates any slippage when you talk or movement when you eat.

Dental implants also help keep your jawbone stimulated, which protects against the deterioration, or resorption, of your jawbone that occurs with traditional dentures. Because dental implants typically last for a lifetime, they not only extend the longevity of your denture, but they also make it more cost effective for the long term.a couple smiles while riding their bikes together | partial dentures apex nc

Learn More about Your Options

Don’t let missing teeth detract from your smile, confidence, or your oral health any longer! Give Dr. Cordes a call today to schedule a consultation so he can discuss your goals with you and help you determine the treatment options that are right for your needs.

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